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How to disable HP printer cartridge protection

HP redefined the goal of preventing consumers from choosing the type of cartridge they use in their printer by leaving them with no choice but to purchase genuine HP cartridges. Hewlett-Packard has introduced the “cartridge protection” system on its original ink cartridges to lock genuine inks on a specific printer so you cannot use this cartridge with another printer.

Customers may want to use compatible ink cartridges or remanufactured ink cartridges in their HP printer instead of the original HP ink cartridges because they are much cheaper than the original ones.

What is HP Cartridge Protection?

Genuine ink cartridges can be equipped with built-in protection in their chip. After you install an ink cartridge, your printer marks it as protected, so the cartridge can only be used with this printer because it is locked. If you had to buy a new printer using the same cartridges, you will not be able to use these cartridges in your new printer because they are locked at the first. This means that the ink cartridges cannot be reloaded, recycled, or repackaged for use in another printer and will eventually end up in landfills; they cannot be recycled and they are not environmentally friendly.

If you install original protected ink cartridges that have been repackaged for later use, you can get the “Protected, HP cartridges installed” message displayed on your printer. In other words, these cartridges will not work with your printer. They will only work with this printer, they are locked.

Why would you want to prevent this?

The following reasons should convince you:

You will not be able to use cheaper ink cartridges, such as refurbished or refilled cartridges.

If you buy a new printer to replace your old printer and you use cartridges already installed in your old printer, they will not work, even if they have the correct reference number.

The cartridges cannot be recycled, they will end up in landfills, which is not environmentally friendly.

Some customers have been reported to have received the “protected” error message while using a new original cartridge or a starter cartridge.

How to disable the HP Cartridge Protection setting?

You can disable the HP Cartridge Protection setting in a few simple steps.

If your Hewlett-Packard printer does not have any Internet functionality:

Just access the printer settings found in your printer menu and you’ll see an option to disable HP cartridge protection. Select the deactivation option and click Apply and Save, if necessary.

If your printer has Internet features:

Open a web browser and enter the IP address of your printer in the Web address field. You will find the IP address of your printer in its settings by accessing the network configuration options. This opens the printer’s embedded Web server. Click the Settings option and select HP Cartridge Protection on the left.

Be sure to select Disable HP Cartridge Protection and click ‘Apply’ or ‘Save’ button.

How to disable HP printer cartridge protection