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Original HP 88 Black and Yellow PrintHead

The HP 88 Original PrintHead (C9381A) is compatible with the following printers: HP Officejet Pro L7780, L7680, L7590, L7580, K8600, K5400, K550.

High important documents. HP’s design makes HP inkjet technology the preferred choice of desks. You get crisp text, vibrant colors, and perfect accuracy every time you print out your documents. With the legendary quality and reliability of HP, the best value for money is guaranteed.

HP printhead technology, designed with HP 88 inks, delivers crisp black text and vivid colors with extreme precision. In addition, the innovative technology of HP Smart1 and HP printers delivers professional results every time.

When you need fast, reliable performance, the HP 88 printheads do the work. The large print head design, which is part of HP’s scalable printing technology, provides three times as many nozzles that pull at high speed (compared to the HP Business Inkjet 1200 printer). These printheads are also designed to produce more precise drops that deliver crisp lines and text, as well as crisp, vibrant colors.

To create a powerful impression with a polished, professional document, you need brilliant black text and vibrant colors. To ensure consistent print quality, HP Smart Interactive HP 88 Printhead Technology, HP 88 Ink Cartridges, and your printer make automatic and continuous adjustments to ensure color accuracy and optimize print quality. The use of genuine HP supplies ensures the availability of all HP printing features.

Glossy black text and professional color with extreme precision.

Original HP 88 Black and Yellow PrintHead

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Original HP 88 Black and Yellow PrintHead
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 5 reviews
by Joanna on Original HP 88 Black and Yellow PrintHead
HP print cartridges do not last

I have no chance with HP cartridges purchased from Amazon. I only bought it in July 2015 and I have to replace it again. The status of my printhead on this cartridge ends on 5/2017.

I am at home only six months a year and I do not print every day. When I print it, it's mostly black ink. So why do I have to replace it now? I will not buy this product on Amazon anymore.

by Pets on Original HP 88 Black and Yellow PrintHead
Renewed my OfficeJet L7780!

Since we mainly print in black and white (true greyscale) to reduce costs, we have sometimes had a color printhead. And it was yellow of all things. I tried to manually clean the printhead with isopropyl alcohol, but whatever the problem, the problem was deeper than I could reach.

Thus, after a simple 5-minute surgery and a 10-minute alignment process, we have a perfect color function as well as a new black print head. Since this printer is 5 years old and has printed several tens (not quite hundreds ... still) of reams of paper, and this is the first major problem, I can only say that it's the HP midrange professional printer designed to offer the same quality as expensive ones. I also have a C9382A printhead, assuming the blue/magenta head is a problem, but will not replace it until it is needed.

by Suzanne S. Barnhill on Original HP 88 Black and Yellow PrintHead
Did the trick

It was a good price for the hp product I needed. I publish a notice in case another user doubts the necessity or not of this printhead. In my case, thanks to my experience (painful), I recognized the symptoms this time and I immediately ordered the printhead. If your printer stops printing a certain color and the replacement of the ink cartridge does not help (or if the cartridge is not empty), consider that the printhead may be what you need. Even if the printer reports that the status of the printhead is "good". I encountered the impossibility to print in cyan despite the replacement of the cyan ink cartridge (twice) and I was slow to accept the problem because the printhead was a problem because the report on the printer status indicated no problem and the print head alarm LED on the control panel was not lit. Apparently, my particular printer (OfficeJet Pro K5400) does not report the health of the printhead. In the first case, replacing the cyan/magenta printhead did the trick. This time, when replacing the yellow cartridge did not help, I knew what to do.

by Mark R. Wietstock on Original HP 88 Black and Yellow PrintHead
What you can see is “you won’t get exactly”, but the HP printhead is original and it’s fine…

I had to resort to this item after trying two different OEM ink cartridges (a cheap cartridge found on E-Bay with an expired warranty, a full Staples retail price). Neither managed to get the printer to print black again, even after running many unnecessary cycles "clean printhead". The color cartridges worked well, but no black. I thought I should try replacing the yellow/black printhead before starting the entire printer.

Well, I do not know anyone else's experience, but I got an HP OEM printhead that worked fine ... no problem. Disconnected power; opened the print head bay; pulled out the old yellow/black print head; put this one in; restarted the printer; it has undergone a long cycle of realignment and has successfully printed several test pages, all colors AND black now working to perfection.

The only "problem" I have with the item is that it was shipped only in the sealed inner container that is normally included in the carton shown on the list ... allegedly because the seller is buying printheads in a "loose package". , "and then sticks their company's labels to the internal labels of the HP containers." The problem with this packaging is that the buyer has no way of confirming an expiry date assigned to the printhead by HP ( usually printed elsewhere than at HP.) "Retail" cardboard box. A star for that, but I'm not complaining ... so far the print head I received is true HP, it was accepted without problem by the printer and perfectly reproduced the printing in black.

by Pegman on Original HP 88 Black and Yellow PrintHead
do not buy this, there are non-factory options cheaper and better

Good price, the printhead was only a few months, depending on the date of manufacture and there was about a year of factory warranty. It was not packed at all so I took pictures in case it was broken. Seems to work very well. The HP L7580 printer is a good printer and I use refillable inks. It makes sense to spend money on a new printhead, even if the printheads are too expensive.

Edit: This printhead only lasted a few weeks. I asked for a return label and the seller sent it. He returned to the seller a few days outside the 30-day period during which I requested the return. The seller refused to refund and I had to call on Amazon. The seller demands that he be back in possession within 30 days and that it is not free from defects for 30 days if it is defective. It seems that they sell a large number of "second generation" printheads that HP cannot guarantee. Amazon, however, was late on the 30-day warranty. Do not buy My Office Innovations!