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HP Printer Paper Copy and Print 5,000 Sheets 10 Ream This is Made In The USA

w/premium choice laserjet

Enjoy HP quality and reliability for all your everyday documents

Featured: colors are 30% brighter for richer images; Blacks are up to 60% fatter for more sharpness, inks dry 3 times faster for less smudging

Can be used in copiers, printers and fax machines

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified

Poly Wrap Rails for Durability of Packaging.

Size: 5000 sheets

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Hp Copy
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 6 reviews
by prisrob on Hp Copy
Very good paper for any kind of printer

A friend of mine advised using this paper. He uses HP All In One Paper, 97 for his business and personal needs. I have a new HP printer and I did not want to have to go wrong with different types of paper looking for a paper that would suit all needs.

I print from time to time, not every day and usually a few pages at a time. However, when you want a good to excellent copy, this paper is excellent. It is heavier than the other papers I used. I have a laser printer and this paper is made especially with inkjets and laser printers. It seems thicker and heavier than other copy paper. The info says that the paper is brighter, but I do not see this difference. I am satisfied with this document and would certainly recommend it. Most people think that paper is paper, but once you have paper jams and other problems because the paper quality was poor, you will ask for a recommendation and that's it.

by CS in Alabama on Hp Copy
HP Copy - Excellent paper, no jam, very good image quality

Very good paper, clean and brilliant. The description shows: HP Everyday Copy and Print (20 lb, 8 lb / 8 in), 8 1/2 x 11 in. I see those buyers saying they have been deceived, but it says 2,400 sheets, 6 reams per box. These are pony cases sold by HP for home offices. It's not as big as the heavy cases but it lasts at least 6 months. Paper is much better than unnumbered or high recycled content paper sold at a lower price. If you need a stuff-free operation, that's it. If jams do not bother you from time to time and you want to save money, you can get something else. The paper is good and shiny and takes a good laser image. That makes the ink spring. I suppose that it would seem very good for inkjet printers too.

by Geri Ahearn on Hp Copy

I have used HP print paper for a few years and have had no jams with a high quality of the product. I have 2 different HP printers and I have never had a paper jam, which I had with other types of paper I used in the past, and this experience is frustrating. The sheets of HP paper are not too thin and I use them for a different purpose. I use my printers a lot for work and I always make sure to make paper reservations. This package of 500 sheets is perfect for my needs, and as soon as I start to run out, I order it on the Internet immediately. The price is more than reasonable and, often, when I tried to buy this pack in my office supply store, it was not available. Now, I save time and money. This is amazing quality, very useful for a  reasonable price. Highly recommended to everyone!

by Kimberly Sue on Hp Copy
Good paper, excellent product!

I had an urgent need for printer paper, but I did not want to pay incredibly high prices for only one or two packages! I looked for a moment, then I came across this deal, which was the six reams of paper (reams are 400 sheets, not 500) for $ 22.32. It was a little more than I wanted to spend because I was only looking for one or two packages. However, it was accompanied by a coupon of $ 5, which gave a price of $ 17.32, and it was a deal that I could not pass up! I found that many of the people who looked at this product were upset that the packages contained only 400 sheets, instead of a typical 500. Some even complained that they were fooled in this way of purchase, a box should contain 500 sheets, not 400 sheets. However, it is clearly indicated in the description that each package contains 400 sheets, so they did not hide it. And honestly, six packs of 400 sheets still represent 2,400 sheets of Hp copy paper, which makes it a great deal!

Anyway, the price was good and the product was quite satisfactory! The paper is glossy, white and the thickness is perfect. It's not cheap copy paper that you can almost see everywhere. This is a high quality glossy white copy/printer paper that I would 100% recommend using at home or at school. I'm not sure if the coupon is still provided to make the price $ 17.32, but even at $ 22.32, it's still a bargain.

Worth a visit, as there is no way to find a price like this at your local Walmart or Staples store!

by Amazon Customer on Hp Copy
My review for simple computer copy paper

This paper is the white color. It comes in a plastic wrap. The HP logo of the company is presented in carefully designed packaging. This paper for 500 copies will please all your senses.

No, it will not impress you. It is paper, it is white and it is suitable for a variety of copy machines. I paid $6 and it was a good price. I would not have paid $18 or the current price. Just buy the paper at the best price per sheet, and you see yourself using it.

by Tim on Hp Copy
It is some risk to order Hp paper

I ordered 6 boxes of Hp paper and, apparently, the delivery men were angry when someone orders thick paper boxes because the boxes arrived in a very bad condition, even worse than I've ever seen with an Amazon delivery. Part of the paper was creased at the edges, and because of this, making these sheets unsuitable for most uses. It looked like someone had rolled the boxes 100 meters down a sidewalk or something. The boxes were dirty black and opened along the edges of the cardboard, held together only by the tape. To make matters worse, after being on the road for almost a month, one of the six boxes has still not arrived. I guess it's because there was so much abuse that it broke out and all the paper went down. Beware of the buyer! If you need copier paper that is not creased, I think you'd better go to a store and buy it in person.