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What to choose Inkjet Printers or Laser Printers

In most cases, choosing a printer can be a daunting task and involves a balance of price, speed, and print quality. In order to choose the right printer, you will need to ask yourself how much you print costs per month, what types of documents you need to print, what print quality you are looking for, whether you need color or not, and if you take it into account you will understand what kind of printer you really need. Inkjet printers and laser printers are different like day and night, but once you understand their differences and decide which type best suits your needs, you’re on a halfway to find the right printer that suits only you.

In general, laser printers produce sharp, fast text documents and correct images, while inkjet printers produce high-quality, durable photos and less text, all at a fast pace.

Inkjet printers are preferable if high-quality photo printing is much more important than high-quality text and graphics, and if speed does not bother you. Their main selling point is superior color accuracy and print resolution for vivid photos, which increases the printing time of each page. They are also preferable if you have light printing needs and are more cost conscious because replacing ink cartridges can be expensive if you start printing a lot, but you can often find a good inkjet printer for less than 100 or 200 dollars.

Laser printers are preferable if high quality text documents are more important than high resolution photos and speed is essential. The main selling point is the ability to quickly print net documents at a very low cost per page. The color printers are able to print documents containing both text, graphics and photos at a high speed, but they cost a bit more because they can do it all. Overall, color laser printers cost significantly less to maintain and use, and cost less over the life of the printer, but their initial price is much higher.

It is worth explaining in detail the huge difference in the cost of ownership of both types of printers. An inkjet printer costs much less initially, but its cost per page is much higher than that of a laser printer. In fact, companies are practically giving in to inkjet printers because most manufacturers take advantage of ink cartridges or consumables as they call them. On the other hand, a laser printer costs much more initially, but over time, its toner will cost much less per page. For example, suppose you print 5000 pages in two months. You will need to replace the inkjet ink cartridges about 25 times compared to the two times needed to replace the toner cartridge of the laser printer. The cost of inkjet ink cartridges would almost double the cost of laser toner cartridges. If you print a few hundred pages a month or a thousand pages a month, laser printers are generally more profitable.

In conclusion, if the output volume of your business is moderate to high, the best is to opt for a laser printer because of the total cost. If you print very rarely, whether for personal use or for your small office, an inkjet printer would be more cost-effective.

In the end, the types of documents you need to print can determine which printer or printers you select. If you mainly print photos and documents for personal use, such as low-quality instructions, you should get an inkjet printer. If you print a lot of text documents and respect the costs, then an economical monochrome laser printer would be your best choice. Finally, if you print a moderate amount of text, graphics, and mixed documents, a color laser printer will certainly be better suited to your needs and it will be a good investment.

What to choose Inkjet Printers or Laser Printers